Secured eMail

E-mail encryption with a single click

Secured eMail is a software for e-mail security that provides powerful point-to-point encryption, which is very user-friendly. Secured E-mail is used to send sensitive and / or confidential information such as business information, legal documents, customer agreements etc. The recipient does not need to buy a licence, and can respond encrypted.


Email security button

The driving force behind Secured e Mail is the user friendliness that ensures security and availability. Just click the “Send secured” button, and your email is safely encrypted all the way to the recipient.


A common platform to build on

Secured eMail is a solution for user encryption of emails and developed with the Simple Encryption Platform, the world’s most scalable encryption platform. Thus, you can start simple and build successively at your own pace, with both multiple users and other security point of solutions.


Automatic synchronization

Secured eMail automatically synchronizes your settings, passwords and secure channels with SEP server. This allows you to log into any machine on the network and get settings and encrypted channels automatically adapted.


Policy-based, centralized back up

The Secured eMail client, controlled through centralized policy rules, can automatically make a back-ups of all initial setup and encrypted channels to SEP servers, thus allowing a direct system reset if it should be needed.

Integrated with Simple Encryption Platform

Secured e Mail is easy to manage thanks to the powerful administration console. It makes it possible for IT departments’ to control licensing, policies and user rights and at the same time configuration of encrypted communication groups through drag and drop commands.

Easy handling with centralized management

Secured eMail system as part of the Simple Encryption Platform, that is managed by the IT department.

Complete integration with your email client

Secured eMail client integrated with the email client and creates a new button for users “Send secured”. Please click here to see product requirements and which email clients we support.

Send to all

With the help of text, graphics and links, you can create instructions for the recipient. All that is required of the receiver is to download a free Reader that allows you to send an unlimited number of e-mails back to sender. If the receiver is unable to install a downloader reader they can simply use the sign in function of global communication.


Secured eMail is equipped with the AES256 encryption technology.

Enhanced policy-based email encryption

Secured eControl can in combination with Secured eMail enforce encryption depending on the e-mail content and atachments. Secured eControl comes with policies that are adapted to most regulations and business practices. Secured eControl can easily be adapted to your unique needs.

Protected system access

For businesses that need an extra layer of security, Secured eMail offers protected system access to encrypted data.

Full data integrity

Secured eMail protects email with content that it leaves the sender’s machine in the local network, the Internet and all the way to the receiver. Secured eMail is a perfect solution for companies who post their mail handling externally (ASP), because it protects information both inside and outside the corporate firewall.

User Logs

All user activities are logged to give a very useful tool for companies that need to have control over historical encryption activities.

More information about e-mail security

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